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陳士惠    |    SHIH-HUI CHEN

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66 Times for soprano and chamber orchestra (1992), ca. 15’

A Plea to Lady Chang’e for String Quartet and Nanguan Pipa (2013), ca. 11’

推枕著衣— 南管新唱

Fantasia on the Theme of Plum Blossoms

for clarinet and piano (2012), ca. 15’

for string orchestra (2011), ca. 15’

for string quartet (2007), ca. 15’

Four Little Pieces for Wood for solo guitar (2004), ca. 10’

Our Names

for flute (C and G alto), clarinet (Bb and Bass),

percussion, violin, cello, piano, and narrator (2010), ca. 14’

Returning Souls

Four Short Pieces on Three Formosan Amis Legends


for solo violin (2011), ca. 9’

Returnings for flute, cello and percussion (2009), ca. 10’

Shu Shon Key for viola and chamber orchestra (2006), ca. 12'

Shu Shon Key for viola and chamber ensemble (2006), ca. 11'

War Songs: from Middle Kingdom to Tartars for flute and guitar (2013), ca. 10’

戰詩: 漢月胡地的糾葛

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