Four Little Pieces for Wood for solo guitar (2004), ca. 10’

Four Little Pieces for Wood was originally written for solo guitar.  It was commissioned by the Freon Ensemble of Rome and premiered by Stefano Cardi at the festival, Le Musiche inquietanti in Ferrrara, Italy. It was rewritten for the piano in 2005 and was premiered at St. Martin-in-the -Field in London by pianist, Hsia-Jung Chang. This piece is one of five compositions by the composer that form a cycle based on the five Chinese elements: Gold, Wood, Water, Earth and Fire. Each of the four short movements tries to capture different aspects associated with Wood in Taoist literature.  Wood is associated with: the direction of East (movement I); the season of Spring (movement II); an expression of Love (movement III); and is represented by the color green (movement IV).    


In addition, the movements are interrelated in their reuse of the material. For example, the end of movement I becomes the beginning of movement IV.  Similar motives and qualities are taken from movement I and used in movement II. Finally, there is a close connection of harmonies between all of the movements, particularly between movements II and III.

Four Little Pieces for Wood for solo piano (2005), ca. 10’

Score available from Trigon Music Press

Score available from Subito Music Corporation