Lumina II+ for solo flute (2002)(rev. 2007), ca. 5’

Recording Available from Albany Records and iTunes

Score available from Trigon Music Press

For such a modest work, Lumina II+ has occupied a lot of my time!  It has been revised several times over several years.  Each time I revise, I hope that I’m making the logic of the piece a little bit clearer.  While working on it, I was very involved with the idea of cellular development of materials.  I was working with materials at a very small scale and expanding them outwards.  The first four sounds played in Lumina II+ form the primary musical cell. Over the course of the piece, the cell develops, multiplies, and transforms as it moves through various registers and colors of the instrument. Clarity and concision, inspired by qualities of pure light, were my guiding inspirations.  Leone Buyse recorded this work on a CD titled American Vistas (see Albany Records link above).  She is performing the work in the excerpt provided above.