Piano Improvisations

For two consecutive nights in October of 2003, after not playing piano for several years, I met with a friend who is a recording engineer, Todd Hulslander, to record some free improvisations.  I wanted to document my first interactions with the instrument after being away from it for a few years.  Where’s Cecil? is a track that came out of those sessions called Two Nights in October

Duo with Jeremy Kurtz happened during a recording session with bassist Jeremy Kurtz in 2008.  Todd (as engineer) and I (as producer) were working on Jeremy’s solo CD release, Sonatas & Meditations. I was supposed to compose a piece for the occasion but that didn’t materialize.  Using a little extra time in the studio, we improvised something and inserted it as a hidden track on the CD.  This is an excerpt from that hidden track.

Work-In-Process was a quartet I played with for about a year in 2005.  Trombonist Dave Dove and Percussionist Chris Cogburn are very involved with the free-improv scene in Texas, both as performers and organizers.  They each host really interesting music series in their respective cities (Houston and Austin).  The bassist was Shawn Conley who was studying at Rice University at the time.  Shawn was always turning me on to lots of interesting music while he was here.  This recording is taken from a live session at the 91.7 KUHF studios, the public radio station in Houston.