Dear Ms. Lia for performer and electronics (2009), ca. 15’

Scores available from Trigon Music Press

Dear Ms. Lia is a text piece that I wrote and delivered in a January 2009 performance.  The stimulus to make this piece came from letters my daughter continually received in the mail that encouraged her to enroll for new credit cards.  She started receiving these when was only 2 years old!  When I wrote the piece, she was 7 years old. 

In Dear Ms. Lia, I recorded my daughter reading snippets from the letters.  These pre-recorded fragments are interspersed with the text I composed and some background music (something Satie would have called furniture music).  Someday, I envision integrating Dear Ms. Lia into a larger, performance-based event. This event would examine things we all take for granted while living in America, like being constant targets for relentless advertising campaigns designed to make us feel needy in some way or another!